"2014 Godzilla Maquette From Sideshow Toy
Product Size: 24” H (609.6mm) x 20” W (508mm) x 19” L (482.6mm)
Product Weight: 35.00 lbs (15.88 kg)”

This hing is incredible!

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Oliver Wetter | Ancient Kaiju Project

Abandoned Iron Giant At Lake In Swiss Mountains
(Aleksey Savrasov’s Lake In The Swiss Mountains)

Kaijufornia Spring
(Albert Bierstadt’s California Spring)

A Kaiju Evening At The Juniata
(Thomas Moran’s The Juniata, Evening)

Godzilla In The Mountains
(Hermann Herzog’s Storm In The Mountains)

Howl´s Moing Castle at Staubbach Falls Switzerland near Lauterbrunnen
(Albert Bierstadt’s Staubbach Falls, Near Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland)

AT-AT Among The Sierra Nevada Mountains
(Albert Bierstadt’s Among The Sierra Nevada Mountains)

A Visitor In Yosemite Valley
(Albert Bierstadt’s Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite Valley, California)

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Spinosaurus was weirder than previously thought, according to new research

Stubby hind legs, a low, quadrupedal stance, and webbed feet for an aquatic life are among the features revealed by the discovery of new fossils of the dinosaur previously known from incomplete remains.

There’s been lots of media coverage about this story released today. National Geographic and the New York Times in particular have provided excellent content. Check them out to fill your head with juicy dinosaur knowledge.

There is also this cool video from the University of Chicago detailing the findings:

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H-how much do I love this?

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dad that’s not nice

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Nelyafinwë Maitimo Russandol Maedhros 

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When my mom throws a family party



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